DHTML and JavaScript, w. CD-ROM

A guide to developing web sites that can use the new features and capabilities for using style sheets and layers in both cascading style sheet syntax and JavaScript syntax that are reflected in the Navigator 4.0 browser It also introduces the new features of JavaScript 1.2 and 1.3 The CD ROM contains source code for the 400 examples in the book Annotation c Book News, Inc Portland, OR booknews
DHTML and JavaScript w CD ROM A guide to developing web sites that can use the new features and capabilities for using style sheets and layers in both cascading style sheet syntax and JavaScript syntax that are reflected in the Na

  • Title: DHTML and JavaScript, w. CD-ROM
  • Author: Gilorien
  • ISBN: 0130863343
  • Page: 423
  • Format:
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    1. This book does exactly what it says it will do and it's a great resource for anyone who's doing website design. It provides detailed information that is useful for anyone from a beginner to an expert in website design. If you want to learn about cascading style sheets in both CSS and JavaScript, then this is the book for you. It also covers all of the new capabilites of version 1.2 and 1.3 of JavaScript and integrates it into DHTML. It has lots of working examples which illustrate specifi [...]

    2. Although this book does contain a reasonable reference to CSS and JavaScript (as implemented by Netscape ONLY), the information is well hidden in this verbose and sometimes misleading if not ocassionally inaccurate volume. The author introduces most topics with descriptions of their syntax, usually failing to get to what the darned things (layers, for example) are actually used for until well into the chapter, by dropping it casually somewhere. I have read hundreds of technical books, and th [...]

    3. I was very disappointed that this book only covered DHTML (JavaScript and CSS) that worked with Netscape. I was hoping for something that would work in both NS and IE. The one good thing about the book is the author does tell you about Netscape bugs that force you to change the syntax of your JavaScript.

    4. This book only deals with Netscape, but what it does have is nothing short of complete. It is a little hard to follow at times and there could have been more examples to help.I think this book did exactly what it claimed to do, explained DHTML in Netscape.

    5. This book teaches Netscape only solutions. What good is that when more than half the browsers out there are not Netscape? Books should offer code that is cross-browser or atleast degrades well. The code in this book caused run-time error after run-time error in Internet Explorer. If you are a big Netscape fan, it does contain tons of code for you. I do not recommend this book if you are a fellow webmaster serving any windows users.

    6. This book is a great teacher for javascript and dhtml, i read allot of books, but they always had the difficulty of describing stuff, here its simple, and my friend read it too and he is buying his own copy soon, so i guess its a great gif for your best friend

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