Using SAP's R/3 Client Server Business Process (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))

b SAP, the leading vendor for client server software in the large system marketplace, has now created a package called R 3 for smaller companies This book, written by R 3 experts from SAP, shows how to successfully analyze and implement business process reengineering using the R 3 software package Covers the benefits of business process reengineering, how companies are using client server in their reengineering efforts, the architecture of R 3, the R 3 Reference Model, the uses of the R 3 blueprint, business scenario models, and the market for client server application development tools.For application developers and programmers working in client server environments.
Using SAP s R Client Server Business Process Prentice Hall engl Titel b SAP the leading vendor for client server software in the large system marketplace has now created a package called R for smaller companies This book written by R experts from SAP shows how t

  • Title: Using SAP's R/3 Client Server Business Process (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
  • Author: Thomas A. Curran
  • ISBN: 0135211476
  • Page: 163
  • Format:
  • CNT Online Management Consulting Wofr steht SAP S HANA die vierte Generation der ERP Software von SAP Echtzeit Analysen durch In Memory Computing HANA Datenbank Intuitive Benutzeroberflche mit SAP Fiori ACDOCA a Simple Finance blog Interesting to note, many larger companies I have talked to, do have interest in moving to S but don t want to be the early adopters The smaller companies I talk to are indeed in no hurry and a few of them are still struggling with their current landscape.

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    1. This is my third book on SAP R/3. This book is another example of poorly written book on SAP. Though the topics are categorized very carefully and intelligently, the text in the book is in the language that requires 'translation in English.' The terms are either ill defined or if defined, then they have been used inconsistently. It was hard to get out the concept behind a topic, since authors give scattered information without focusing on main idea. Also, authors could have written the busin [...]

    2. The SAP R/3 Business Blueprint is the only book that is written from both the business sides and the information technology sides of SAP. Thus, it is perfect for anyone who is implementing or about to implement SAP in their organization. I found that it had exactly the right amount of general description to give me an understanding of those areas of the business that I am not directly involved in. But for areas of which I was most familiar, procurement and sales and distribution, I found it w [...]

    3. THE PRESENT BOOK GIVES A GOOD OVERVIEW OF THE SAP R/3 BLUPRINT. The example chosen are quite relevent . But I personally feel that the material can very well be condensed which will add to the worth of this book.But I must admit the first readingof this book really motivated me towards th relevance of the SAP Blueprint. The book shold contain more screens indicating how the information appears in actual SAP R/3 system screens.

    4. This book gives a general insight on SAP R/3 functional (and a little bit of technical) model. This book can be very good introduction for the corporate executives with very little or no SAP R/3 experience. However, the contents of this book can be too obvious for those who already have worked with SAP R/3 system.

    5. One of the best comprehensive books written about SAP. There are many reasons to recommend this book. The language is very easy to understand even for an outsider, all important subjects are covered and presented very well, level of details is appropriate to quickly give the readers a working knowledge of how almost all the moduls function. This is a great help to many SAP professionals, business managers as well as technical people who only know about their own modules and not others. Many ERP [...]

    6. I read it several times and love it! This book makes the complicated process very easy to understand, and provides a comprehensive view of every aspect of the R/3 process. I highly recommend it.

    7. Mr. Curran's book is the best book on SAP R/3 on the market. Everyone interested in this area should own this book.

    8. The book is easy to read and understand. The reader knows exactly where to go if he has specific topics he wants to read about. A few more graphics in the beginning could have been helpful if you have never seen an R/3 Reference Model before. Recommendation even for students.

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