Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite

The bestselling author of It s Not How Good You Are, It s How Good You Want To Be Paul Arden turns logic and common sense on its head in Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite and gives you the confidence to take bigger risks and enjoy your work than you can imagine.Have you ever considered the extraordinary power of making bad decisions, being unreasonable, and taking dangerous, unadvisable risks Has it ever occurred to you that nothing is dangerous than playing it safe, or that the straight and narrow path may lead you right off a cliff Paul Arden has become a global business guru on the strength of such radical insights His first book, It s Not How Good You Are, It s How Good You Want to Be, became a word of mouth classic, selling than half a million copies Instead of the usual boring advice, he offered daring quips, aphorisms, and paradoxes all seeking to revise what we habitually hold as our common sense.Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite is an even daring attack on the way we look at our work and our world Whether you sell, manage, or buy, Arden will inspire you with his counterintuitive axioms, startling anecdotes, brilliant photographs, and offbeat quotations from artists, scientists, and philosophers.Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite will force you to rethink everything And it will give you the confidence to take bigger risks and enjoy your work than you can imagine Brilliant, bad, charming, irascible and totally off the wall, Paul Arden is an original with extraordinary drive and energy, blessed with a creative genius allied to a kind of common sense that just isn t, well, common Roger Kennedy, Saatchi Saatchi Paul Arden spent 14 years as the Executive Creative Director at Saatchi Saatchi He was responsible for some of the UK s most successful advertising campaigns British Airways, Silk Cut, Anchor Butter, InterCity and Fuji In 1993 he set up the film production company Arden Sutherland Dodd His first book sold over half a million copies He has a weekly column in the Independent and recently opened a photographic gallery in his hometown, Petworth.
Whatever You Think Think the Opposite The bestselling author of It s Not How Good You Are It s How Good You Want To Be Paul Arden turns logic and common sense on its head in Whatever You Think Think the Opposite and gives you the confid

  • Title: Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite
  • Author: Paul Arden
  • ISBN: 0141025719
  • Page: 438
  • Format: broch
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    1 thought on “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite”

    1. C'est un livre simple à lire (même pour une personne qui aurait un niveau moyen en Anglais) que je conseille vraiment à toutes les personnes ayant une activité artistique ou entrepreneuriale qui aimerait apprendre à penser en dehors des sentiers battus.Une écriture simple, quelques lignes et une image pour illustrer les propos, on comprend pourquoi l'auteur est considéré comme un génie de la publicité et le fameux adage "une image vaut mieux que mille mots" prend tout son sens.

    2. Grande typographie comme un véhicule pour un simple ensemble d'idées pratiques pour la vie. De la publicité à la vie.

    3. great book that may support you to take an action and realize your dreamsvery nice and cultivated humour, nice typography and design

    4. Un court ivre avec des idées fortes qui aident à comprendre qu'il faut souvent regarder les choses différemment pour réussir. Mais il ne suffit pas de le lire, mais de le relire et de pratiquer chaque jour les leçons pour s'habituer à les appliquer.

    5. Pushing sixty and laid off from my last job of a decade made me put things into perspective. I started out at my last company (over a decade ago) able to be creative and resolve tense situations and technical snafus with total carte blanche. But due to several company merges, the last five years found my creativity shut down in lieu of taking direction (with no input allowed) for day to day operations. I turned my brain off and just waited as the layoffs got closer and closer to me. Now that I a [...]

    6. I love Paul Arden and this book was my first "Arden experience". Witty, full of good humor and some serious "food for thought". It doesn't matter what your position in life or what your goals are, this book will help you look at things from different angles, and challenge your own ideas about the way it is. A fun and short, casual read good for a quick travel or time-killer.

    7. This along with his others are short, insightful, and must haves in actual book form. The ability to have this and peruse through when ideas or insights just aren't coming is priceless. It helps jar your thought process and helps you too think. This is an invaluable little tool of a book you'll refer to for years. This is my second copy to replace my former.

    8. I bought this because it was recommended in a software development blog post.I may have rated the book a little higher if I wasn't a voracious reader and have read similar books already. I think this book is good and inspirational for people just beginning to read "how to think/learn faster" style books.If you want more depth and have time to invest in a longer book, I recommend something like "5 Elements of Effective Thinking" where it covers a lot of the same topics talked about in this book b [...]

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