Harrap's Media & Communication : Anglais/français, français/anglais

When Sid and Minnie hear a loud noise from the back of their van, they think its the engine stalling Hours later, Sid discovers a corpse The body is of Halberd Corsair, one of Londons finest tycoons and entrepreneurs, whose home and work is the grand Termini building.The official report suggests it was an accident that he slipped and fell out the window.But gossip is rife and rumours spread that Mrs Corsair might have done him it was an unhappy marriage and she profited handsomely from her husbands death.Not only that, but her opera glasses are found broken outside, just below the ill fated window.As her health declines over these vile slanders, her nephew and heir to Corsairs empire, Keith Antrim, enlists Sir Ottos help to clear her name.And so, Inspector Borges is brought in Alongside Sir Ottos niece, the headstrong Anthea, the pair realise that Corsairs death might not have an accident after all.It seems on the night his accident, someone was in the Corsairs home.However, as Inspector Borges discovers, there are several people with the means and the motive to kill.Could it have been Colonel Summersby, whom was denied an immediate loan that he desperately needed from Corsair to pay off his gambling debts Or the Colonels controlling and cold wife, Claire, who, as always, mightve took her husbands problems into her own hands Maybe it was Julian Killigrew whose unprofitable literary magazine was going to be shut down by Corsair Or even Keith Antrim himself who stood to gain his uncles business, standing and naturally, the profits And then, it appears that Mr Corsair might have had a mistressAs the list of suspects grows, its up to Borges and Anthea to track down the killer before its too late.Filled with intrigue and suspense, The Sound of Murder is a cleverly plotted, engrossing murder mystery.Praise for John BonettTop recommendation for lovers of that clever, urbane detection which is becoming such a rarity Birmingham Mail Amusing puzzles that entertain and beguile Books and Bookman Neatly devised plotBorges is a good creation in the tradition of the best fictional detectives Nottingham Guardian Journal claims attention as a crime novel depending on pains taking police work and careful deduction Aberdeen Press and Journal A real masterpiece of detective in fiction form takes shape under the cloudless skies of the Costa Brava British Books Writing under the name of John Bonett, husband and wife duo John and Emery Bonett have collaboratively written numerous successful murder mystery and detective novels including Dead Lion and No Time to Kill.
Harrap s Media Communication Anglais fran ais fran ais anglais When Sid and Minnie hear a loud noise from the back of their van they think its the engine stalling Hours later Sid discovers a corpse The body is of Halberd Corsair one of Londons finest tycoons a

  • Title: Harrap's Media & Communication : Anglais/français, français/anglais
  • Author: John Bonett
  • ISBN: 0245504354
  • Page: 123
  • Format: poche
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    1. assez décu de ce livre qui donne plus de place aux traductions genrepresse : presscommuniquer : communicateetc.qu'aux traductions utiles et plus complèxes du monde médiatique ne vaut pas la peine, achetez plutôt un bon dictionnaire de poche

    2. This book started out rather slow, with lots of people to remember. In fact, it was rather boring at first. However, once things started happening, I didn't want to put it down. There were quite a few misspelled words, which was a distraction at times. I couldn't decide who was the culprit. There were lots of suspects to consider. I was not too surprised when the real murderer was revealed, but the conclusion was rather a surprise. I would definitely like to read more by these authors and [...]

    3. I liked the very polite, self-respecting Inspector Borges as a change of pace from the usual hostile, cynical, or conceited detective. But otherwise all characters were standard types. By the way, Borges' s name is rarely mentioned; he is almost always de-personalized as "the Inspector" -- playing down his Spanish background. He seems to be admired because he out-Britishes the British.

    4. Quick, clever, interesting turns of plot and character, did not notice typos or grammar errors so I'm all good with this book.

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