The American Heritage Dictionary (thumb index)

Over 70,000 entriesThoroughly revised and updated1,000 new words and meaningsOver 400 photographs and illustrationsExpert guidance on correct usageBased on the bestselling American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth EditionAmerican Heritage dictionaries are widely known as the most innovative and informative dictionaries in today s market This all new fourth edition of the best selling classic continues that tradition with its clear and precise definitions, its expert usage guidance, and its wealth of illustrations Newly updated to reflect our changing language, this revised edition is the most up to date and authoritative dictionary available today.More than a thousand new entries for such terms as e tailer, zine, bioreserve, chatroom, red card, domestic partner More biographical and geographical entries than any other paperback, thoroughly updated for the new millenniumThe most lavishly illustrated dictionary on the market with over 400 imagesExpert usage guidance based on the American Heritage Usage PanelRegional notes from around the countryHundreds of synonym lists, fascinating etymologies, and much American Heritage Dictionaries Setting a new standard.
The American Heritage Dictionary thumb index Over entriesThoroughly revised and updated new words and meaningsOver photographs and illustrationsExpert guidance on correct usageBased on the bestselling American Heritage Dictionary

  • Title: The American Heritage Dictionary (thumb index)
  • Author: American Heritage Dictionary
  • ISBN: 0395329442
  • Page: 213
  • Format: reli
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    1. C'est extra ! Je ne cherche pas forcément la dernière édition (qui n'est d'ailleurs pas donnée), mais ce dico est largement suffisant pour ce que je fais presque quotidiennement. L'état est tout à fait acceptable et la livraison est rapide, que demande mieux

    2. The American Heritage History Of The 1920s & 1930's is a great book that I recommend for anyone desiring a detailed history of the era. Plenty of pictures, news articles, 13 short biographies, excerpts from radio broadcasts and mentions of previous erasEVER, I must criticize the site's reviews. In many instances, the reviews are of books and movies that DON'T MATCH the product being offered. This is confusing and not at all helpful in getting an idea of the product.

    3. With a pitiful knowledge of the Civil War based on various movies featuring the likes of Randolph Scott and Clark Gable, I was interested in reading an historical text about this defining American event. I was lucky in choosing this lavish volume to do so. With a lucid narrative by the late Bruce Catton as its centre, this Heritage volume has the added advantage of illuminating that text with art (Winslow Homer et al),photos,drawings, maps, cartoons, bills, newspapers, and illustrations of s [...]

    4. In a time we now live when almost all things are digital, including books. The physical aspect of a book is being pushed aside for the most efficient digital version. It is true digital is more efficient, but the foundation and effect a physical book has on the mind is still by far the best approach to learning.A good dictionary is more than looking up a word meaning. It can be an avenue of great learning and the building of one speech and oratorical abilities. This is one thing a typical search [...]

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