PHP and MySQL Web Development, w. CD-ROM (Developer's Library)

A new edition of this title is available, ISBN 10 0672329166 ISBN 13 9780672329166 We ve taken the best and made it even better The third edition of the best selling PHP and MySQL Web Development has been updated to include material and code on MySQL 5, PHP 5 and on PHPs object model and validation Through a clear, practical approach, you will learn to develop secure, dynamic websites by integrating and implementing the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database system Real world examples and working sample projects will give you a strong foundation on which to start building your own websites, complete with features such as SSL, shopping carts and payment systems The accompanying CD includes the source code from each example in the book, the entire book in PDF format, and source code and binaries for PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache Readers have called PHP and MySQL Web Development call it the best technical book they ve ever read, but don t take their word for it Find out for yourself
PHP and MySQL Web Development w CD ROM Developer s Library A new edition of this title is available ISBN ISBN We ve taken the best and made it even better The third edition of the best selling PHP and MySQL Web Development has

  • Title: PHP and MySQL Web Development, w. CD-ROM (Developer's Library)
  • Author: Luke Welling
  • ISBN: 0672326728
  • Page: 159
  • Format:
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    1. ich habe dieses buch in einem buchgeschaeft nahe der technischen uni erstanden und einen echten gluecksgriff gelandet (war das einzige exemplar)ben vielen deutschen buechern zu den einzelnen themen PHP und MYSQL, die ich beide beherrschen wollte war es das einzig englische aber erstens sollte man als jemand, der mit computern arbeitet schon soweit ahnung haben und zweitens war es das einzige buch, das die beiden sehr eng verknuepften bereiche PHP und MYSQL in einem buch abdeckt, was wirklich gut [...]

    2. This book is targeted at the reader who has some elementary programming knowledge and intermediate HTML skills, due to the terminology used and the examples given. The book is best utilized by someone who really wants to learn the subjects covered, PHP and MySQL. This is one of those books that you should read from cover-to-cover. It's not a command reference, but you get real-world examples of how the commands work together, which in itself is something that most reference books do not offer [...]

    3. After reading the book you have quite a commmand of php and mysql and it definitely is easy to read. However its rather tedious to read about arrays, functions, oop or database concepts when you are familiar with all these concepts and only want to know, how these issues look in php, mysql and what common pitfalls or commonly used ways to to things are. So I personally think that it's way to thick but nevertheless very useful if you're new to mysql and php.

    4. This is an excellent and very complete resource for developers and admins who already know the basics and have some experience with databases, and want a very detailed and complete reference book with lots of great tips and insights on MySQL. I'm a front end developer with *some* MySQL/database experience, so I was basically able to keep up with the *dense* technical-documentation-like content in this book, and I learned a ton about the features and capabilities of MySQL. However, this was NOT a [...]

    5. I got this book to get a quick intro to PHP. I'm glad to say that this book was very thorough and touched on a lot of subjects from basic language data structures to more complex topics such as file manipulation, email, and MySql database connectivity. This book is about 900 pages long and contains examples that illustrate the topics. It was perfect for me. I learn by seeing/doing and the CD-ROM the book comes with is loaded with the samples/examples that are in the book. So you can quickly copy [...]

    6. Pro - cover a lot of materialCon - topics are explain vaguely with little examples.The author try to cram in too many topics, but he doesn't go into detail on any, so you left not understanding the material clearly and can't use the book as reference. The books talks about security, but the code are written unsecurely. I suggest reading amazon/PHP-MySQL-Dynamic-Web-Sites/dp/0321784073/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1495143766&sr=8-3&keywords=larry+ullman, though Larry doesn't cover as many topics as Luk [...]

    7. Overview:-great for mysql beginners.-great chapter on CAPI and example code is free and legal https: kitebird/mysql-book/.-get the paper version because kindle version has problems.Lifesaver for a school project I was working on written in C. The chapter on the C API was better than anything I could google up. If you only need that chapter (the C API) it's free and legal at the book's website kitebird/mysql-book/. You can also find all the example code there.If you have little or no experien [...]

    8. After searching for basic primers on PHP and MySQL, I settled on this book due to the many positive reviews. I'm glad that I did, as I now have a basic understanding of how to use these two technologies to build a web site.Make no mistake, unless you have previous experience, this book is only a beginning. I can tell that it will take many more hours of work before I am able to implement these concepts. However, I can now look at existing code and understand what it is doing "behind the scenes." [...]

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