Del First Ency of Science

An introduction to science for young children It includes simple, safe projects which use easily obtainable household equipment There are photographs and illustrations designed to appeal to readers and pre readers, along with links to Web sites containing additional information.
Del First Ency of Science An introduction to science for young children It includes simple safe projects which use easily obtainable household equipment There are photographs and illustrations designed to appeal to readers an

  • Title: Del First Ency of Science
  • Author: Rachel Firth
  • ISBN: 0746042027
  • Page: 350
  • Format:
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    1. ottimo libro in lingua inglese, di facile lettura per i ragazzi e con ottime raffigurazioni e fotografie. Lo consiglio soprattutto per i ragazzi che iniziano a studiare scienze direttamente in lingua inglese.

    2. While the Usborne quality runs firmly through this book it is extremely frustrating that there is nothing new in this book. It is simply a copy of about 25% (all sciencey type topics) from the The Usborne Children's Encyclopaedia. Same pictures, text and internet links. If you have encyclopaedia then DO NOT buy this. I would also advise that rather than buy this line of books buy the encyclopedia and get them all in one excellent book!

    3. This book is so beautifully illustrated. It's fun, interesting and looks great. I do think its a bit simplistic if used alone for a 5th grader. I pair it with Properties of Ecosystems (God's Design) for homeschooling. Along with carefully selected and monitored videos my child gets a well rounded Science class.I really like this book a lot. As I said, I think this is a great companion book for Science and as a stand alone book may work for some younger than 5th grade or those being introduced to [...]

    4. My children (2 and 3) adore this book. Much of it is over their heads, but they learn a little more each time they read through it. There are some fabulous pictures!This contents of this book are as follows:What is science?What scientists doOur UniverseWhat is the Earth made of?The seasonsWeatherLiving thingsCellsPlantsAnimalsYour bodyBones and musclesWhat happens to food?Your brain and sensesAtoms and moleculesSolids, liquids and gasHow materials changeEnergyForcesHot and coldGravityFloatingFri [...]

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